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Decades of honing our expertise in the craft of leather tailoring have earned us a reputation as one of the finest and most highly trusted bespoke leather specialists in the country, and we are honored to have customers who come to us exclusively for their bespoke leather garments from all over the world.

The tailored leather coat or jacket may not be considered a customary staple of a wardrobe to the same extent as the tailored cloth suit, however we can make a strong case for the virtues of investing in an expertly tailored leather garment. Leather is the oldest material in human history and has a huge role to play in the development of civilisation, due to its robust, protective and versatile nature; as such it continues to be one of the most popular materials used around the world today. A quality, leather jacket will last decades and unlike any other material will improve and grow richer in character with age, therefore we believe a fitted, tailored leather piece is a true investment.

In addition to commissioning a bespoke leather garment for the exceptional quality and personalised fit, the bespoke process also allows you to choose every detail to create the exact piece that you want. The variety of leather garments on the high street is limited to what is in fashion, and often the leather may be of a poor quality and standard of make, with prices reflecting the designer name rather than the components used. Additionally, for many people finding the right size and fit in leather on the high street can be very difficult, and this is where the option of bespoke is appealing.

We begin the bespoke process with a personal consultation between you and our Head Tailor.  Please note that we are pleased to be able to offer the same professional bespoke service remotely for our overseas customers using modern technology and our robust service delivery process.  From the outset, we will discuss the style and cut of your bespoke garment and help you to make style decisions including details such as lining and hardware. We will then guide you through all the possibilities for your choice of leather, of which we only use the highest quality. Once you are happy with the design, we will take your measurements in preparation for your hand-drafted paper pattern to be cut.


 Are you tired of ill fitting off-the-peg leather pants? Or have you always wanted a pair of sexy slim fitting leather trousers that look as though they have been sprayed on? Then look no further…

The perfect fitting leather pant has landed in London, tailored to enhance the form and to your exact style specifications from a selection of premium stretch or non-stretch leathers.

The bespoke process offers an unique experience, resulting in a garment that is designed and made exclusively for the individual. Our master tailor, will measure and note down all the individuals details to construct a personalised pattern. With the knowledge and guidance of our experienced tailor, the client can select a desired style that will be constructed from a premium nappa, calf skin or fur of choice. The waiting time is upwards of two weeks for pants.

For those who are unable to visit us on London, Impero offers a Made-To-Order service. The client is able to send us their favourite fitting pant that will enable our highly skilled cutter to draft a new pattern to the desired exacting aesthetic and fit requirements. 

If you like the look of our trousers, visit the store to order your made-to-measure pair now. 

Finally, if you already own a pair of leather pants and are unhappy with the fit or requires some attention, we also provide a repair and alteration service. 

Prices start from £650 

Contact Us to book an appointment or for more information


Leather vests have captivated the minds of men for ages, but finding a perfect leather vest is quite a task. A good leather vest is a stylish addition in the wardrobe. There are various options in leather vests from the type of leather, design, and length. But before you decide to buy a leather vest, here are a few quintessential know how's:

Year after year when you pull out a perfectly crafted leather vest, it gives a mixed feeling of being young and crazy all over again. It screams style and fashion aloud. A finely stitched, custom fit leather vest with every stitch in place engulfs you like a glove whatever may be the age. Leather vest jacket was originally designed for protection as they added another layer. Today they have evolved from being practical to being stylish. The modern generation wears it as a statement piece and has made it a wardrobe staple.

The men's leather vest section is like a game of treasure hunt where you hit a jackpot every time. The modish piece never fails to surprise you. Leather vest jackets serve the dual purpose of protection against wind and at the same time make you look elegant. The trendy look fascinates young and old alike. At LeatherCult we have a wide range of leather vests to suit any occasion and for all ages.

Once the pattern is made we will then produce a toile. The toile is an exact replica of your garment which is made in heavy calico fabric; this allows us to edit the size and shape before committing to leather. We will then invite you to come back in for us to fit your toile on you.  For overseas customers we are able to post the toile directly to you and do the fitting remotely so you can be sure that when you receive the finished article it will fit you perfectly.  At this stage we fine-tune the fit of the garment and may amend the paper pattern and re-toile accordingly. This process may be repeated two to three times to ensure a perfect fit.

One of our small team of seasoned leather tailors will then meticulously construct your garment. This process takes approximately 8 weeks from the date of order to completion, depending on your availability for fittings and the availability of your choice of leather.

Bespoke leather jackets cost from £3,500, bespoke sheepskin coats from £4,000.

Please contact us to discuss your bespoke garments.

Leather Jackets for Men

A high-quality genuine leather jacket is a must in every man's wardrobe. You can find real leather jackets for men at LeatherCult at very affordable prices.

Our collection of jackets for men consists of a variety of styles from sleek leather blazers, fringed cowboy jackets, motorcycle (biker jackets) to bomber jackets.

If you feel a little creative or know exactly what you want, you can even design your own leather jacket online! At LeatherCult, we are all about customization. We want you to feel at the top of the world whenever you are wearing one of our appealing and stylish leather coats for men. 

A leather jacket is an absolutely timeless bad-boy piece of clothing that will never go out of style. We even included in our collection some of the most well known jacketsworn by our favorite celebrities and fictional characters. Get inspired by Indiana Jones, Taylor Durden (Fight Club), Han Solo and even characters from Game of Thrones. Your wish is our command and we'll see to it that you feel absolutely fierce in your new jacket or leather coats for men.

Celebrity Leather Jackets

Have you ever wondered where you could get that amazing jacket you saw on the TV? Your favorite celebrity look is now just a couple of clicks away! At LeatherCult we make celebrity leather jackets from the highest quality materials and customize them to fit your body shape and fashion taste perfectly.


An entire costume department is responsible for the outfits of movie stars, and many jackets have become iconic thanks to the popularity of movies or TV shows they have appeared in. Now you can have the exact same celebrity jacket in your own wardrobe at the same price you would normally pay for a quality leather jacket. Browse our ever-expanding collection of stunning Hollywood leather jackets and find that leather garment you've always wanted!

Leather Pants

Leather clothing will never go out of style. While they were long reserved for bikers and rock stars, leather pants are making a comeback and their way into the wardrobes of men. You can browse our vast collection of leather pants for men to find the perfect pair to match your attitude.

Whether you are looking for an everyday addition to your wardrobe, or something to wear on special occasions, there are many different styles and colors to choose from, all made from the highest quality genuine leather. At LeatherCult, we offer 100% customization to make sure your new leather pants fit and feel perfect, allowing you to rock your daring look.

Most people associate men's leather pants with bikers, and for good reason. Although they have become a fashion statement, bikers tend to wear them for protection in case of an accident, along with a leather jacket. This, of course, doesn't mean you can't own a pair if you don't own a bike. If they suit your style and attitude, a pair of high-quality leather pants are a great investment since they are likely to last a lifetime.

Long Leather Coats, Jackets for Men

Long leather coats are one of those must-have pieces of clothing, especially during winters. Leather is an excellent insulator and will keep you warm during the harshest of winters, and is a stylish alternative to those woolen sweaters while stepping out. If this is your first time choosing a leather coat, then here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Leather coats are also known as long leather jackets and long leather coats.

Length and Colour of Long Leather Jackets

Leather coats are available in a multitude of colors from black, browns, and tans. You can also choose your leather coat, based on the type and quality of leather. While black leather coats are common, a tan or brown coat is equally edgy and can be worn on a variety of clothes. Also, you can choose leather coats with hoodies, which will keep you warm and complement any attire. Leather coats with fur collars are extremely cozy, and definitely a showstopper 

Long Leather Jacket Styling

Long leather coats can be worn on jeans, dresses, and skirts. While most leather coats are not embellished, it is easy to pair them with any clothing. If you want to play it safe you can opt for brown or tan long leather coats that can be worn on any color or material. Leather coats are available with belts too and look sophisticated on dresses. Another great addition to leather coats are pockets, which save you the hassle of digging in for your essentials. Also, while buying a long leather coat remember it will be mostly worn on clothes so you will need the extra space.

Why do people prefer long leather jacket?

People are attracted to this attire for a long period; many famous personalities created a new style statement using leatherwear. These are still on the top list in the fashion world. It is the one item that you must have in your closet.

The leather jacket can level up the complete fashion statement instantly. Plus, it goes pretty well with most of the outfits. From the 60s-90s, we have seen that pop and rock star brought the new fashion evolution with these clothes and created a remarkable signature style that is still loved by people worldwide. Now custom made apparels are also available for giving you a perfectly fitted leather overcoat mens that is tailored for you only.

Over time, various forms of the long leather jacket mens have designated and brought to the market; those are still as popular as before. Are you not curious to know what reasons make this long leather jacket globally preferable attire? Well, for you, we are going to disclose the matter.

What are various types? 

The coat can be categorized into various types, and below, we are going to give you concise details of each type-

The Burn Coat: It is also popularly known as a field jacket; it was first designated for farmers but now has become popular urban fashion wear. It typically fits loose and comprises pockets for keeping all the important things.

The Racer Jacket: The type of leather coat is designated by getting the inspiration from heavyweight, classic motorbike wear. It possesses a small snap on the neck collar, two zip pockets and front zip.

The long leather jacket: It is perfect for winter wear. It is the ultimate definition of comfort and fashion. It can be wear together with any pair of denim, anytime.

Why are coats the topmost trending fashion wear? 

Leatherwear has never faded away from its popularity, and still, in today's world, it is the most widely preferred attire by people. Let's discover why people love to wear these long leather overcoat mens -

  • Leatherwear is like early 20th centuries pop songs; the songs are timeless and set the standard. The same jacket you can use repeatedly, and the most interesting part is as time goes, the jacket looks better than before.

  • Another thing is, no matter how old you are, you can wear a black leather coat and look fashionable.

  • The most appealing point is, you can wear it anytime and anywhere. Whether you want to go to a party or casual hang out with friends, a leather coat will carry your fashion statement and bring the spotlight on you. Even if you are going on your first date, then wearing this attire will be added an extra point.

  • It is available in various colors and styles, so you can choose the best long leather coat mens from the latest, fresh collections and even go for custom made to get exactly your size apparel.

  • If you have leather jacket collections, you may know each of which needs extra care and maintenance; but in this case, there is no need for special consideration. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and clean rather than other types of coats. According to experts, the attire is required to conditioning once in a few months. It helps to preserve the softness and appearance.

What makes Leathercult unique? 

Several online shopping destinations are available that offer jacket collections. But why the majority of people love to shop from LeatherCult? Well, we have been in this industry for over two decades (Almost 25 years). Over time we successfully cultivated the young, dynamic clothing experts in our team.

Our vision and mission is to create every size of a long leather jacket so anyone can wear them without worrying about the fitting size. We have observed that although shoppers can find several size options, still consumers are worried about the proper fitting.

Our main motto is to omit this kind of issue, and for that reason, we have come up with an innovative idea for every shopper. We can make a custom leather overcoat mensfor you. Our specialized team is dedicatedly satisfying our regular consumers over the period. Regardless of your size and shape, we can assure you that you will obtain the best fitting, attractive long leather jacket ever that will provide you ultimate comfort with style.

We are so pleased with the immense love from consumers, and recently we have featured on the 'National Marfan Foundation' web portal as a 'Recommend Company to Approach to Fashion'. Besides, our products have featured in leading magazines such as Oprah's O, American Way, Instyle, Craft and many more. We believe in creating a style without compromising the product material. We only use premium quality leather material so that our consumers never feel uncomfortable wearing it. Our products are perfect for long day wear.

The Bottom Line:

You can find several leather jacket collections on various online shops, but sometimes it is challenging to choose the suitable size, but here we are to serve you as per your requirement. You can go for the custom made option, and we will design perfectly suited apparel. Kindly visit our site and go through the collection and service that will help you make the future decision.


Instead of lugging yourself around in your leather pants give our leather chaps a try. These pants will surely be a great way to bring a playful vibe to your style.

Genuine soft PURE Napa Leather Jeans.
Custom Made as per your style and size.
3 pocket Jeans style, with antique silver (pewter) rivets and metal buttons.
Due to nature of Pure leather material (available in small pieces) there will be 1 joint on the leg which actually increases the beauty of the jeans. 

You can get the fit you want by giving the Thigh, Knee and Leg Bottom measurements accordingly.

Women's Leather Jackets

Leather jackets will always be fashionable. If you are looking for a jacket you can wear anywhere and with anything, you can't go wrong with one of our real leather jackets for women. Made of pure napa leather and customized to fit you perfectly, they will help you pull off a look both stylish and fierce.

Browse our collection of women's leather jackets and find the perfect outerwear for yourself.

Leather Skirts for Women

Show your adventurous side to the world with fantastic custom made leather skirts from LeatherCult. A leather skirt can be subtle and classic like our leather mini skirt, yet offer a gleaming and bold look like our red leather skirt, if you style it well. One thing's for sure with our genuine leather skirt you won't be left unnoticed. Choose from a wide variety of women's leather skirts including pencil skirts, buttoned straight skirts, the mini skirt, A-line or go full cowgirl with a fringed leather skirt.

Leather skirts at LeatherCult are made out of high quality 100% pure Napa Leather. Satisfaction is guaranteed as we make a leather skirt according to your measurements. LeatherCult is all about inclusivity so no matter your size or design preference, we will make you a leather skirt that will become your new favorite piece of clothing to wear. There is no doubt that our short or long leather skirt will definitely change the way you carry yourself as this look can not only be seductive but powerful as well.

Leather Pants for Women: Epitome of Style

Let us be honest girls, the moment you sport a pair of leather pants, it instantly transports you to a different fashion zone, doesn't it? You tend to feel hot and sexy. Earlier leather pants were considered as just an outer layer of clothing worn as extra protection during winter months. But today with changing trends leather pants have become a fashion statement. No wonder the leather pants women section is always packed with people.

Today, you are spoilt for choice in real leather pants for women. It is quite amazing to find so many designs and shades of leather at your disposal. With the continuous upgrades in technology, today your precious pair of leather pants can be made water-resistant as well. This makes it easier for you to wear your favorite pants in times of unexpected snowfall or rain. You can enjoy the weather without worrying about your outfit getting spoiled. Let's find out all about this always in fashion piece of clothing.

Classic or Colored

Every time you are about to decide, it simply boils down to one thing, that is choice. There are plenty of options available in the market when it comes to buying real leather pants for women. The styles range from vintage, classic and colored.

Women can even work their styles with bright color leather pants. At LeatherCult portal, you can choose from almost fifty shades of leather and satisfy your urge to own perfect leather pants in your favourite color.

When it comes to classic styles, let us assure you that old is gold and it never goes out of style. You can wear them season after season with the same elan and you will always fetch compliments for your smart look. You will agree that one cannot get bored of the classic black or brown color leather pants ever. Women's genuine leather pants give you a rich vintage feel and can boost your style statement as well. 

Prefer real leather over faux

Leather pants for women are amongst one of the few trends that have been all over the place for ages. You too would have always desired to be a proud owner of at least one leather pant. There are many alternatives when it comes to buying real leather pants for women. The numerous shades available in markets tend to make women go crazy.

When it comes to buying leather pants you should always favour real leather pants for women over faux leather. Faux does not stand a chance near the original one. Real leather is smooth and less shiny, unlike its artificial counterpart.

The real leather fabric has a unique feature referred to as stretch. It can be added during tanning. It gives the ready product the desired flexibility and, strength viz-a-viz faux leather. Also, real leather is durable and does not peel over with time. It ages very gracefully as the dyes used are mostly water-based and do not fade over the years. After knowing so much about real leather, you will surely prefer it over its fake counterpart.

Feel the softness with Napa Leather

At LeatherCult, it is our motto to provide our esteem customers the best possible experience in terms of leather. All our products are made from 100% Napa Sheepskin leather. Napa leather is synonymous with class, purity, and durability. It has a fine grain texture that imparts the finished product a smooth touch.

Custom-made just for you

Another great option that is available is customization. Yes, you have the choice between placing an order from the pre-measured sizes or you may provide us with your body measurements, and our master tailors will make perfect leather pants to fit you impeccably. We will deliver the finished garment within two weeks. Unbelievable right!

Once you make up your mind about a certain design, at LeatherCult you have the freedom to choose any particular shade of color that suits your personality. You may even add your creativity to the original design in terms of trimmings, buttons, the color of linings, etc. Own it up girl, your final product will be made just for you. It will be as unique as you are, just style it up and move around with confidence.

Leather Top For Women: Simply Stylish

Women take extra efforts in looking fashionable and classy. The red-carpet looks have dominated the fashion circuits for ages. Even fashion streets have followed the latest trends like religion for a long time. As far as leather apparels are concerned, they are no exception to the rule. Be it a leather jacket, coat, or dress nothing can beat the sassy look.

Do not feel like wearing a leather jacket or the weather is still quite warm, experiment with something light and generous. Try picking up a style from LeatherCult's amazing collection of leather tops. We have a fabulous range of leather tops, specially designed for women.

Weather friendly

A hip leather crop top will serve the purpose well. It will make a perfect statement outfit for the fall daytime parties. You are free to pick a length you are comfortable with. Do keep a trendy leather jacket handy to add a layer to your leather top in case the weather plays spoilsport. Add leather boots to your ensemble and be the star guest of any event. 

Leather tops in styles galore

Running low on motivations and are unable to pick any particular design, well you are not the only one. On LeatherCult's online portal there are more than 20 different styles available, in almost 50 different shades of real leather. The design catalog even includes inspirations from famous designs adorned by Hollywood celebrities.

You can even buy leather top in zebra stripes, peplum style, sleeves, or no sleeves. Since there is an option of customization available, you are free to add a frill or fringe, change a collar style from boat to square. Whatever style you finalize, it is surely going to make you look bold yet classy. 

Two words that describe leather top for women is elegance and comfort. Nothing can beat the style that leather apparels command and they have surely hit the fashion arena with a bang.

Indulge in a monochrome look

The leather top women's section has such a vast variety and shades that at times it gets confusing. Whenever any doubt engulfs your fashion sense, just go with a monochrome look. Not a fan of a single color look? Try wearing two different shades of a single color to enhance your look. It will instantly reduce the monotony of leather on leather look. Make sure you indulge in a piece that compliments your demeanor and uplifts your mood for it will invariably boost your confidence at any given place.

Genuine leather tops versus faux leather

The exotic look and the breathable factor give a genuine leather top an upper edge over faux leather apparel. Real leather is more comfortable to wear as it is more stretchable and has a soft feel. All the leather products that are available on the LeatherCult portal are made from 100% real Napa sheep's skin. It is known for its fine grain texture that imparts its softness.

Once you wear a genuine leather top you will never settle in for anything low in quality. Investing in a real leather top will last a lifetime. Leather makes for the best hands-me-down garment as they are exceptionally durable and age gracefully. The upkeep is also simple. Always air dry them before you store them away for the next season.

Long Leather Coat

If you are looking for a leather overcoat to wear when the temperature starts dropping and want something longer than a regular jacket, a long leather coat might be exactly what you are looking for. Made of genuine leather, it can be worn anywhere and with virtually anything, whenever you need some extra protection from the elements.

Browse our collection and find your favorite design at a great price. Every long leather coat design is fully customizable in terms of size and design features, so you can be sure it will fit you perfectly and look just the way you wanted.


Our Bespoke Corset Dress options will have you pushing the boundaries of your imagination. Sensual, stylish, and made of the very best material, these combination corset and dress designs will give you that perfect hourglass look for which you long. Custom fitted, our Bespoke Corset Dress is pure comfort and perfectly proportioned just for you. 

Italiano mad bespoke customies your clothes and  wardrobe

Italiano mad bespoke customies your clothes and  wardrobe



Start by consulting our staff about your wardrobe. With years of experience between them, they will be able to advise on your requirements and on exactly what’s necessary to build the perfect, flexible, working wardrobe. Once you have decided on the garments you wish to have made, our cutters will help you choose the best fabric. With 4,000 samples of cloth to choose from, our cutters have a gift of knowing what fabric will work best for any style, which is partly what makes their role in the process so pivotal.

Once the fabric is chosen and a style decided upon, the cutter takes your measurements from which he or she cuts your own personal paper pattern.

bespoke suite measuerment Italiano tailors

The paper pattern is laid out on the cloth and chalked around. The cloth is then cut by hand, leaving extra cloth at certain seams or ‘inlays’. This allows for the suit to be altered at a later date if your weight changes. Material trimmings, like natural wool, canvas and linen, are added to the garment’s construction to give the suit its classic Italiano Made .


The garment is then assigned to a highly skilled tailor. That same tailor will be dedicated to your needs so long as you remain a customer of  Italiano Made Tailors . The tailor will have a close relationship with you to ensure there is a continuity of service and consistency of quality.

We feel it’s important that you trust your tailor to deliver your preferred cut and style.

bespoke suits canvasses Italiano tailor
bespoke suite canvasses hand stick Italiano tailors

The tailor canvasses the suit by hand ready for the first fitting. Our cutter fits the suit and at this point starts to alter the suit to fit and enhance your posture

After the first fitting, the garment is marked up with all readjustments and then completely taken apart and re-cut. The paper pattern is adjusted at the same time so it can be used again for all future orders. The garment is then given back to the tailor to be prepared for the next fitting

At the second fitting, alterations and amendments are refined, giving the suit its fit and comfort. The suit is checked over for break over shoe, seat of trouser and drape.

bespoke suite italiano tailors
bespoke Alteration italiano tailors

After the final alterations, a tailor hand-makes the buttonholes and hand finishes the suit inside and out. Only the best trimmings and pure natural fibres, such as hand silks, are used, giving the suit its longevity and lasting finish.

The Italiano Made . suit is then ready for the final fitting. You’ll be given advice on how best to clean, press and care for the suit to maintain its shape. Each suit is numbered and logged so we are easily able to source any necessary materials to repair even minor damage that might occur. This logging and numbering process also means that subsequent orders will require fewer fittings and so the bespoke process for your second suit will be much quicke

italiano made bespoke jackets





One of the aspects our clients love the most about the bespoke experience is the sheer breadth of options that are available for a suit. We've previously explored how it is these small details, such as the lining, that can really make your suit pop. But what about the trousers? Often overlooked, a well-fitted pair of trousers really brings together the entire look. Read on to find out about a few of the different choices available for your bespoke trousers...

The fit of the trousers is something that tends to move in line with fashion trends (think the extreme wide legs of the 70s) but there are a couple of options that are timeless. You could go for more of a neutral silhouette in a classic fit if you're looking for something to stand the test of time.  In recent years, there has been a trend for a more tapered fit, which looks great in a slightly shorter fit in lighter weight cloths. Alternatively, a wider leg has been seen making a resurgence on the catwalks, which can look fantastic for a pair of standalone trousers or as part of a tweed three-piece.

Italiano made bespoke trousers


As with the fit of the trousers, the length is also subject to different fashion trends. For a timeless style, we'd recommend the classic fit. This means that the end of the trousers hit the top of your shoe, causing a single 'break' in the fabric. A break is where the fabric folds slightly inwards as it hits the shoe. If the trousers have more than a single break, they can look rumpled and untidy. Recent years have seen a trend for a shorter fit on trousers, with the option to flash a bit of ankle or some snazzy socks. You might also prefer to wear your trousers slightly longer. The typed of shoe and the heel height you wear with the trousers will also affect the length, so we tend to ask people to come in for fittings wearing the shoes they're most likely to wear with the suit.

Italiano made bespoke trousers


On of the absolute musts for a bespoke suit is that you feel confident and assured when you put it on. You don't want to feel uncomfortable or be worried that your trousers are at risk of falling down! To combat this problem, there are a few options. The first are belt loops, which are often seen on more casual trousers, such as jeans or chinos. While this can help you feel secure, a belt can often look bulky in contrast to the fit of the suit and can cut the silhouette of the suit in. They also look out of place if you forget to wear a belt. At King & Allen, we tend to recommend the second option, side adjusters. These come in two different styles: buckles and buttons. The buckles work by a sliding strap that tightens and loosens the waistband. Buttons work by fastening a tab to one of three different buttons. Buckles tend to be more adjustable, so again we tend to recommend these. The other option is braces. They work by attaching to brace buttons which are placed on the inside of the waistband. They give you a lot of room on the waist measurement and tend to be the most forgiving in fluctuations to your waistline!

Italiano made bespoke trousers


There are a few different options in terms of pockets on your trousers. You can choose to have no pockets at all, which leads to a more slick look but perhaps not as practical. You might choose side pockets on their own or also choose to have pockets at the back. We'd always recommend not keeping too many items in your pockets, as this can sometimes warp the fabric and ruin the sleek look of your suit. In terms of the style, you could choose straight pockets, slanted (above left) or cross pockets (above right), as well as other, more unique designs. 


We offer three options for pleats (the fold of fabric just below the waistband). You can choose to have no pleats at all, which creates a seamless, flat look at the front of the trouser, which has a more modern appeal. You can also opt for a single or a double pleat. Pleats have a more classic, old-world look (think Cary Grant or Katherine Hepburn) and can add some texture and drape to the trousers. You can also choose between forward pleats (facing towards the inside leg), or reverse pleats (facing towards the pockets). As Chloe, our tailoring consultant at Surbiton and Liverpool Street says 'I'd recommend reverse pleats for women, as it gives more room over the pocket area.'




Our bespoke shirts are a perfect companion to a fitted suit, or casual jacket, a wide variety of different styles, materials and designs are available. These are ideal for weddings and formal events, but can be designed in a way that you’ll also be able to wear for more casual occasions.

Italiano made business shirts


You can choose from a collection of luxury fabrics, and customise the trims, buttons and colour threads, and even your initials hand sewn on the cuff, to create a truly unique shirt. We’ve worked closely with the best fabric suppliers from all over the world, including high-quality manufacturers in England,Italy & Switzerland.


We’re happy to offer a massive range of high-quality cottons sourced from locations around the world, available at your discretion. As well as the variety of cotton, we also offer bespoke choices for the smaller details that really make a suit unique, such as buttons, trims and fabric inlays.

Each shirt is available with your choice of style and hand-measured by Geoff, Wes or Scott. Prices start at £195 depending on the choice of cloth and whether you want the shirt hand-finished by our team. These shirts are also available within 3-4 weeks.


italiano made shirts

Smart or CASUAL

Think of a tailored shirt and the first item that comes to mind is a sharp formal shirt, and while Souster and Hicks does offer a wide range of formal fittings, we also have plenty of casual materials and fabrics for a more laid-back approach. A professionally-tailored shirt keeps trim to your figure and makes a subtle statement about the effort you put into your look. Whether it’s for a birthday party, wedding or for everyday wear at work, there’s something to suit you in our range of shirt choices

Think of a tailored shirt and the first item that comes to mind is a sharp formal shirt, and while we offer a wide range of formal options, we also have plenty of casual materials, such as linen, cashmere & cotton mixes, through to unique floral & jacquard designs, this, coupled with a more softly styled collar gives you a stunning casual shirt that fits perfectly and breathes well in warmer climates.

Italiano made wedding shirts

Your perfect WEDDING SHIRT

Let us help you design the perfect wedding shirt, for abroad on a beach or a traditional English church wedding, the shirt can be designed with trim and detail to compliment your suit, her dress or any colour theme within your big day, even down to the date of the wedding on your cuff.

Italiano made bespoke shirts



italiano made bespoke overcoats


Italiano made offers big range of bespoke garments from suits , trousers , shirts, to overcoats.

we can help you to design and style, bespoke made garments for your wardrobe. 

You can chose your customise fabric and style  in our tailoring studio located in Soho London.

please make an appointment .

photo_2022-09-07 16.55.40.jpeg

We make all styles of overcoat and have a large selection of beautiful overcoating materials. Whether you like to wear a full-length coat finishing mid-calf which is perfect for keeping you very warm, or you prefer something cut shorter and in a more fitted style, we can make the perfect coat for you. As well as classic coatings, we can also make any style of overcoat in tweed materials.

italiano made bespoke coats

We completed the look with the following design details: large patch pockets with flaps, dark grey real horn buttons, burgundy lining, turn up cuff on the sleeve.

An outcome: a timeless staple for Italiano made wardrobe. Complemented and noticed wherever we go.


Overcoats - what are they?

Classic tailored overcoats adapted to modern lifestyle. Integrated subtle beauty with clean lines that prove irresistible.
Choose from double-breasted or single breasted overcoat styles. We also tailor bespoke peacoats & raincoats.
There’s nothing quite like the elegant fit & unique look that a bespoke overcoat affords.

How Do We Tailor Them?

Timeless. Minimalist. Tailored to perfection. Constructed in light & heavy weight pure wools & cashmeres. Tailor made in silhouette & length just right for you. Tailored neat, clean lines in their bareness reveal the quality of the garment’s make.




This is a pure wool from a mill in Yorkshire. We have a huge range of cloths to choose from – including wools, cottons, silks and linen’s….and colours too!



We were asked to make this special waistcoat for a customer for his wedding. Special, of course, because it was his wedding, but special too because of the colour and the piping. The colour looks fantastic and the piping, all worked by hand and very hard to do, brings it to life very elegantly. It compliments the morning suit beautifully.

THE CONSTRUCTION Made and cut in London. As with every waistcoat we make, unless you choos

THE CONSTRUCTIONMade and cut in London. As with every waistcoat we make, unless you choose our Express service, the waistcoat will take 8-9 weeks to make – we have a half way baste fitting and then a forward baste fitting before the waistcoat is finished and delivered.




with Italiano made bespoke 

you can chose your leather metrial and style and customies your leather jackets...

Italiano made bespoke  Leather Sample
Italiano made bespoke leather sample metarial
Italiano made bespoke leather jacket
Italiano made bespoke leather jacket


In addition to commissioning a bespoke leather garment for the exceptional quality and personalised fit, the bespoke process also allows you to choose every detail to create the exact piece that you want. The variety of leather garments on the high street is limited to what is in fashion, and often the leather may be of a poor quality and standard of make, with prices reflecting the designer name rather than the components used. Additionally, for many people finding the right size and fit in leather on the high street can be very difficult, and this is where the option of bespoke is appealing.


Italiano made bespoke leather jacket
Italiano made bespoke leather jacket
italiano made bespoke leather jackets
Italiano made bespoke leather jacket
Italiano made bespoke leather jacket



Imagined by you, created by Italiano Made 

Every item we manufacture here at Italiano Made is designed to give you years of enjoyment. So just imagine the delight of a beautiful, full-grain leather bag that’s hand-crafted especially for you.

Our bespoke service, available across our entire range of bags, offers you the chance to work with our talented team to create a fully personalised creation you’ll cherish forever. You’ll choose every customisable detail, from the leather type and colour to lining fabric and fittings. The result? A one-off  Italiano bag made to your exact specifications.

We can also finish your unique piece with a personalised engraving – anything from a classic monogram to a handwritten message. This is a particularly popular choice when our items are given as gifts.

Italiano made bespoke leather sample metarial
Italiano made bespoke leather sample metarial

Personalisation options for custom-made bags offer infinite decoration options to make a bag unique. The fabric choice can reflect your brand from sustainable natural cottons in many different weights plus linings fit for purpose. The colour of the fabric can be perfected by dying it or printing it. Then the size of the bag can be anything from the tiniest of pouches to the largest bag to transport a table in or a multi-faceted bag for tools. Choice of closures include zips, poppers, draw cord, ties or elastic. Perhaps the bag needs to be waterproof or should have a metal badge? Padding or dividers can also be added. This handy guide will outline some of the personalisation option elements you can customise your bag with. Maybe there’s something not here that you want. Ask and we’ll find it for you. Anything is possible.

The quality of hand stitching is key to the finish of bespoke leather bags.  A beautiful stitch is a real sign of genuine craftsmanship that you can't get using a machine.  Hand stitching involves threading two needles on a waxed length of thread and then running the thread through the holes to secure the stitch. Italiano made uses traditional Saddle Stitch and Box Stitch techniques.


italiano made hand made leather bags
italiano made hand made leather bags
italiano made hand made leather bags


Our custom fit Bespoke Corset delivers unbelievable comfort without sacrificing that classic hourglass look. You’ll be able to drop a dress size or two but still feel relaxed yet potently sensual. With styles for every taste, from lace to leather and metal accents, we have a Bespoke Corset to match your style.

Steampunk skirts, gothic skirts, burlesque skirts – we’ve got the lot and we think you’ll love them. Choose from super-cute tutu skirts with layers of netting, pick out gothic skirts with asymmetric hems and lace overlays, or take things full-length with our steampunk maxi skirts that glide all the way to the floor.

If you’re after a skirt that’s going to be a match made in heaven for your Corset deal corset, one of our skirts is a must-have. We’ve chosen these designs because we know they’ll show off your corset to its full effect, and give you the look you’ve been searching for.
Our skirts come in a great range of colors, feature striking details like chain loops, gathered hems, and statement buckles, and are available in a range of fabrics from satin to cotton. So take your steampunk, gothic, or burlesque look up a level and treat yourself to a stunning Corset deal skirt.

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