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Italiano Made  Ladies Blouse Alterations
                                   Italiano Made                                   BLUSE ALTERATIONS


If your blouse is too loose or tight we can quickly and effectively reduce or increase size by adjusting the centre back seam or side seams. Blouse sleeves can of course be shortened or tapered (narrowed). Darts can be added to the body of a blouse to narrow it at the waist and depending on the pattern, we can alter the hips and a little of the chest. This will remove any excess fabric which can be annoying and unflattering to your figure. We have the experience of working on any type of fabric from delicate Silk to sequin, beads and other materials that overall are not easy to alter. We pay close attention to make sure that the end result is a blouse that compliments your figure, without any hint of alteration.

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Italiano Made  Ladies Blouse Alterations

Italiano made  Ladies Blouse  Alterations services

  • Narrow shirts shoulders

  • Shorten  shirts sleeves from cuff 

  • Shorten  shirts sleeves from shoulder 

  • Lengthen shirts  from cuff

  • Deeper shirts  under arm  

  • Taper shirts sleeves

  • Shorten / Lengthen shirts

  • Move buttons  shirts  

  • Lower shirts  Collar

  • Square back neck 

  • Taken shoulder 

  • Add or remove shirts  pockets

  • Add darts or remove  

  • A fitted 'V' Shape

  • Tapering shirts    Takin side seams

  • Tapering shirts    Takin darts seams

  • Tapering shirts    add darts  cheats or back 

  • Let out side shirts   opening the darts seams 

  • Changing  zips or buttons 

  • Change  Collar or cuff, design

  • Add  patch design 

  • Add extra buttons holes and buttons

  • Patching design 

  • Invisible mending 

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