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                                   Italiano Made                                          TAILORING & ALTERATIONS SERVICES 



With over +10 years’ experience, we are one of the best London’s  alterations company, providing alterations for Men, Women, clothing ,and hight street brands.

We are highly regarded for our superior craftsmanship and award-winning customer service. Our passion for what we do, and our reputation is important to us, and we can assure you that you will be happy with the results, whether you use our alterations or tailoring services.

In 2018 we introduced our MY TAILORING & ALTERATIONS service. Now not only can you purchase one of our ready to wear collections online and have one of our expert team visit you at home (or office), but we will also tailor any of the other garments you wish to be tailored.

We alter all type of garments , including Leather made garments.

We Collect.

We Deliver.

All kinds of alteration services men and women clothing .

bespoke leather jacket


We aren’t just here for your leather jacket alteration 

its  not simply repair its more then repairing small stitches  we can make new jackets for you in your size,  we are offering bespoke and alterations services for you , 

our services :bespoke and alterations , ready to wear 

bespoke leather jackets 

(your name on it )

(you chose the cooler )

(you choose the style )

(you choose the leather meatrial)

(you choose the art work on your leather jacket )

to read more  click here 

alterations  leather jackets 

we can basically alter all types of garments 

leather jackets shorten sleeves from top

leather jackets shorten sleeves from cuff

leather shorten length

leather jackets taper body 

leather jackets taper sleevs

leather jackets front new zips 

leather jackets cuff new zips 

leather jackets new metal buttons 

leather jackets new designs 

leather jackets pathching and style  click to read and see more about our patching design serves 

photo_2022-09-28 17.42_edited.jpg

click to read and see more about our                 patching design service 

patching leather jackets


WHY ? because sometimes it is not posible to shorten sleeves from cuff  like this pictuers , sleeve cuff has zip the we can't replace or important details  buttons or open button holes 


WHY ? if you think your leather jackets are long and you are not happy with length we can shorten your leather jacket lenght

after pinning and measurement.


WHY ? less likely clothing factories are using  good gouality zip the resin is to keep the manufacturing coat less , sometimes we even recive brand new garment  with broken zip and needs to be replace with new quality zips, we can offer good quality zip for your garment, after many years of experience we konw with zip has  better quality.

process we need to see the jackets , check the zip , try to find good quality zip and send you the pictures of the zip and after you confirm the price of all zip changing on your jackets the can start opening old zip on your jackets , clean the teaching area and restock the new zip , but its not that simple , designes are changing and it can be challenging if jackets has lining and extra details.

zips for frat of the jackets 

zips for cuff of the jackets

zip for pockets 

extra zip we can add 

If you have this problem with your leather jackets, make an appointment.


WHY ? we know that we all have deferent body type 

some of us has strong arms and but some people has slim arms , it doesn't look nice when we wear  too baggy or too large clothe ,and fitting your sleeves makes big deference on your style and how it looks on you, 

Try taper sleeves you won't  regret.

process highly recommended , pining measurement and then tapering. make an appointment.


WHY ? we like to wear fitted jacket , no one like too baggy

jackets , to create V shape on your jacket you need use this service , taping jackets body brings lots of thing to your style,  you can look sharp with simple tailor touch on your leather jackets.

Try taper jackets body  you won't  regret.

process highly recommended , pining measurement and then tapering , we do usually taper your jackets from back from side seams and central seams , its chances depend on the design of the jackets sometimes we have to taper from chest line if there is line of seam to use this service . make an appointment.

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