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Italiano Made Ladies Jumper  Alterations
                                    Italiano Made                                     JUMPER ALTERATIONS


If your jumper  is large or too small we are right tailor for you, Italiano made tailors here to fit your jumper we have to make sure that it is enough material inside your garment to do let out and make it bigger, but you don't have this check if your jumper is larger then your body and you want to make it smaller, simply we need to see youth jumper on you and pin it and then after pining  tailoring starts on your request.

This process doesn't take long, if you don't have time in your hand we can collect it alter and deliver it for you.

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Italiano Made Ladies Jumper  Alterations

Italiano made  Ladies Jumper  Alterations services​​

  • Narrow jumper  shoulders

  • Shorten  jumper  sleeves from cuff 

  • Shorten  jumper  sleeves from shoulder 

  • Lengthen sleeves from cuff

  • Deeper the under arm  

  • Taper  jumper  sleeves

  • Let out jumper  sleeves  

  • Shorten / length  jumper 

  • Move buttons  jumper   

  • Add or remove   jumper   pockets  

  • A fitted 'V' Shape

  • Tapering jumper   Takin side seams

  • Tapering  jumper   Takin center seam

  • Tapering  jumper  

  • Let out side seam jumper  

  • Add button holes 

  • Invisible mending 

  • Denim patching 

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