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Italiano Made Ladies  Alterations


ITALIANO MADE With over +20 years’ experience, we are one of the best London’s  alterations company, providing alterations for Men, Women, clothing ,and hight street brands.

We are highly regarded for our superior craftsmanship and award-winning customer service. Our passion for what we do, and our reputation is important to us, and we can assure you that you will be happy with the results, whether you use our alterations or Bespoke tailoring services.

In 2017 we introduced our MY TAILORING & ALTERATIONS online service. Now not only can you purchase one of our ready to wear collections online and have one of our expert team visit you at home (or office)and offer you Alterations services or our bespoke hand made garments, personalised on your name, just to remind you once again, we  also tailor any  other  garments you wish to be tailored.

We alter all type of garments , including Leather made garments.

We Collect.

We Deliver.

All kinds of alteration services men and women clothing .

Bespoke Alterations,

we only provide this service to  delegated bespoke garments been made by hand and are fully bespoke.

Bespoke Services, 

we make all kind of garments, suits, jackets, shirts, trousers and more .... please check our bespoke sections. 


You can book one of our professional tailors to be with you from the day you Choose your wedding dress/style to the wedding day.

This is to make sure we accomplish your goals for our special day with tailoring at it's perfection.

Ratings and Reviews are welcome during and after the process.

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Italiano Made  Wedding Dress Alterations

At Italiano Made we offer a full range of dress Alterations, including taking in, shortening, reshaping of the neckline restyling, and adding bespoke embellishment. Our highly experienced fully qualified dress TAILOR will understand your needs and requirements, nothing down, every single detail to ensure that your vision is transformed into reality. Whether you have purchased your evening  gown from a department store, a dress boutique, inherited it or have decided to wear a vintage dress and need it restyled, resized or remodelled, we can help.

You can book one of our professional tailors to be with you from the day you Choose your dress/style to the occasion day.

This is to make sure we accomplish your goals for our special day with tailoring at it's perfection.

Ratings and Reviews are welcome during and after the process.

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italianomade  dress alterations
italianomade  dress alterations

Italiano made  has the knowledge and expertise to alter your suit to perfection. With over 20 years' experience, we have become London's leading specialists in Suite Alterations  Whether you would like us to alter a new suit that doesn't fit you or completely restyle one of your old suits by giving it a more contemporary appearance our highly trained Tailors can help. If your suit doesn't  compliment your body shape our talented Master Tailors can tailor it to ensure it fits you precisely. By focusing on quality and paying close attention to every detail we ensure that the end result is a suit that has been tailor made for you. When it comes to suit alterations we believe that it's the small detail that makes all the difference that is why we make sure that stitch patterns and the colour of the thread are matched perfectly.  

If you have more then 2 suits to alter, you can get good discount from us, ask your friend and family to join you in this suits alterations tour and get your 20%discounts.

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italianomade  ladies business suits alterations
italianomade  ladies business suits alterations

For trousers that are loose or tight on the waist, we can quickly and effectively reduce or increase the size by adjusting the centre back seam. After fitting with our Tailor, we can also determine the perfect shape of the seat and raise or let down the fork when necessary. For a closer fit and neater silhouette, we taper (narrow) trousers either fully or partly. For a subtle taper, we would remove excess fabric from the inside leg seam. For a more drastic change, we can reduce the leg width by removing the fabric from both the inside and outside leg seams. We shorten trousers by hand so that the stitching is invisible from the outside. We can replace belt loops with more traditional side adjusters by using excess fabric from the hem of the trouser.

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italianomade  ladies trousers alterations

If you ladies do not like the general fit of your shirt there are a number of shirt alterations that are possible. Shirt sleeves can, of course, be shortened – you just take off the cuff, cut down the sleeve and reattach (this can even be done from the shoulder if you want to retain the length of the placket). But sleeves with double cuffs can also be lengthened slightly. Depending on the brand, there is at least half an inch of inlay, which can be sufficient to give you that crucial exposure of cuff at the end of a jacket’s sleeve. Darts can be added to the body of a shirt, to narrow it at the waist and – depending on the run – alter the hips and a little of the chest. This will remove any excess fabric which can be annoying and unflattering to your figure.

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Italianomade  ladies shirts alterations

Italiano Made  jacket should be the main dress piece in a  ladies wardrobe. It is the main element in creating any kind of outfit. It is a piece so versatile that it has stood the test of time and we can never say that a jacket is not fashionable. A jacket can be an elegant piece but at the same time it can also be casual, which is its beauty. It can be worn by anyone, anytime, it must look flawless. If your jacket do not suits your body shape we can assist with our experience and dedication for tailoring to reshape and make your jacket to feat your body properly.

We can shorten the length, we taper side or back seams, on jackets when we taper the back seam an excess of fabric across the back neck area can be created but also avoided, in this situation we will square the back neck and remove this excess of the fabric by opening the back neck and shoulder seam, lifting excess fabric and re-stitching back, shorten sleeves from the edge of the sleeve or from shoulders without changing the shape, narrowing shoulders, tapering sleeves.

If your jacket or coat has a worn lining we can replace that to give a refresh and a longer life to your favourite jacket or coat.

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Italianomade ladies coats  alterations
Italiano Made Ladies Jackets Alterations

You may not see waistcoats around, the same way you see jackets, and that is the more reason why anyone wearing it at any point should strive to make it fit. Whether you added a little weight or shredded some fats, you need to improve the fit your waistcoat gives you, and that is where we come in handy with Italiano made waistcoat alteration. Ranging from coat shortening to tapering, and neckhole adjustment, as well as other bespoke requirements, we make your waistcoat fit you again.

The waistcoat is a versatile clothing item from the men’s wardrobe. Even if it is a three piece suit or a casual one, it can be worn in different outfits and can add elegance, the waistcoat is a layering element. It is so versatile, because you can wear it as part of a three-piece suit but also in a casual outfit along with a pair of jeans or chino.

A well-tailored waistcoat is close to the body, but not tight, If your waistcoat doesn’t not fit you correctly and is to big we will adjust the sides to ensure the waistcoat fits close to your body, if is to tight we can let out from the side seam or we can also replace the back panel of the lining on your waistcoat.

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Italianomade ladies waistcoats  alterations

A jumpsuit is a stylish alternative to the traditional Dress, but it may also be worn casually. Our professional TAILOR can expertly adjust your jumpsuit, whether it features beads, sequins, or any other ornamentation. We can adjust your jumpsuit in any way you want it, from a simple hem shortening to taking in the waist and changing the neckline. Our highly skilled dressmakers can restyle your jumpsuit in ways you never imagined possible, in addition to modifications. Our competence stems from the fact that all of our TAILOR are certified dressmakers, giving them a unique perspective on fashion and garment structure.

Our extremely skilled, fully certified TAILOR will work on your Jumpsuit for as long as it takes to ensure that the job is completed to the greatest possible level, and we won’t be satisfied until you are. We’ve built a solid reputation for providing high-quality Jumpsuit modifications. What sets us unique is our ability to work to a factory finish, which means that any changes we make to your clothing will be undetectable and untraceable; the original stitch pattern, thread colour, and any other detail will be flawlessly matched.

Ladies jumpsuits simply A shirts and trousers this is how I separate  the alterations work on jumpsuits.

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Italianomade ladies jumpsuits alterations

No matter what kind of changes your skirt need, whether that be getting it tightened, enlarged, zips changed, replacing the lining or shortening, just come to us and we decide together what you want the finished product to look like, nothing is impossible, together we will find a solution to suit your wishes.

Italiano made have the skills and experience of working with any type of fabric and our goal is to please our customers with our work.

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italianomade ladies skirts  alterations

Lets Start with a few pair of  denim fabric garments, Ladies  jackets, jeans, shirts,skirts,  jumpsuits, dress,  and  shorts that’s somewhat close to the fit you hope to achieve. Think of this process more like a haircut. You can always take more off, but you can’t really put any back on. So, make sure that your  jackets, jeans and skirts are too big rather than too small. 

Wash your denim garments  before heading to the tailor. Denim garments factories  never-wash denim, to cleaning level, but washing and drying your   jackets, jeans and skirts, jumpsuits, and dress will get rid of shrinkage and help get you a more accurate fit when it comes time to visit your tailor.

Italiano made alterations services alter all kinds of denim garments  jackets, jeans and skirts, jumpsuits, and dress, formal, informal, casual, denim garments.

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italianomade ladies denim jacket alterations

If your blouse is too loose or tight we can quickly and effectively reduce or increase size by adjusting the centre back seam or side seams. Blouse sleeves can of course be shortened or tapered (narrowed). Darts can be added to the body of a blouse to narrow it at the waist and depending on the run, we can alter the hips and a little of the chest. This will remove any excess fabric which can be annoying and unflattering to your figure. We have the experience of working on any type of fabric from delicate lace to sequin, beads and other materials that overall are not easy to alter. We pay close attention to make sure that the end result is a blouse that compliments your figure, without any hint of alteration.

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italianomade ladies blouse alterations

If your jumper  is large or too small we are right tailor for you, Italiano made tailors here to fit your jumper we have to make sure that it is enough material inside your garment to do let out and make it bigger, but you don't have this check if your jumper is larger then your body and you want to make it smaller, simply we need to see youth jumper on you and pin it and then after pining  tailoring starts on your request.

This process doesn't take long, if you don't have time in your hand we can collect it alter and deliver it for you.

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italianomade ladies jumpers alterations

A "hoodie" is a sweatshirt with a hood attached to it. As with any piece of clothing, hoodies sometimes need altering because they are too big or long ,We do  alterations to a hoodie, including taking in the seams, cut extra fabrics using overlook and making the hood smaller so it fits more snugly on your head. Hoodies are a popular piece of fashion, Italiano made are altering all kinds of garments .

We also offer bespoke services big range of bespoke garments waiting for you click to visit bespoke page.

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italianomade ladies hoodies  alterations

T-shirt is one of the comfortable garments that we use in daily basis, at home, outside, in the gym or even for party, T shirt is living life without stragulling to move.

If your T Shirts that are too large can be unflattering, but there’s no reason to get rid of a T shirt just because it is a little baggy or long. If you have t-shirt that is too big for you, then Italiano made can alter your T shirt to improve the fit. You can either use a T shirt that fits you well as a guide, or you can pinch and pin the T shirt to get the right measurements and then you can bring it for us, post it  or you can come to our workshop in soho London and drop it.

We will make sure you T shirts fits you well so we can get good google review from you.

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italianomade ladies T shirt  alterations

As an enduring fashion item, more and more people will purchase leather garments,  But sometimes there is a problem of jacket that are too big or too small. At this time, you may wonder whether the leather jacket can be Altered? Even though the leather is hard to alter, the answer is Yes.

If your leather jacket is just a little tight rather than too small, then alterations are not recommended because leather jacket is somewhat flexible and you can stretch it in some right way. Also, a leather jacket will naturally stretch and get bigger with use.

Since leather is a thicker material, tailoring is more complicated compared to other fabrics, so there are a few things to consider and keep in mind.

Italiano made Tips, 

First and foremost, DO NOT DIY, because leather is a special fabric and once you make a modification it is very difficult to change back. For example, if you make a few stitches somewhere on your jacket, even if you unpick the seams, there will be some ugly holes left there and these will stay on your leather jacket forever, so the cost of mistakes is really expensive. That's why you should always look for a professional tailor who have years of experience in leather garments. After all, you wouldn't want to let an inexperienced tailor ruin your beautiful leather jackets.

We do alter all kind of leather garments, Leather jackets , Leather coats , Leather trousers and

more ..... , get in touch.

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italianomade ladies leather jackets  alterations

Italiano Made, invisible mending as a professional craft has almost disappeared since the arrival of ready-to-wear and the new buying habits that followed. The public has lost the habit of using the work of professional menders. But the need to repair clothing, curtains or furniture  remains, and invisible mending is still essential. Who doesn’t own a suit or a dress that needs fixing, a precious garment to preserve or an ancient piece of furniture that is begging to be brought back to life? We have forgotten the simple step of repairing our possessions instead of tossing them away. However, when we look a little bit closer, it is often easier and cheaper to restore a jacket than to buy a new one.”

what is the invisible mending ?

Invisible mending is a sophisticated weaving method consisting in rebuilding the fabric of a garment but also of upholstery after an accident: snag, burn, accidental blade or scissor cut, etc.

italianomade ladies jeans invisible mending
italianomade ladies jeans invisible mending
italianomade ladies coat patching design
italianomade ladies denim jacket  patching design
italianomade ladies jeans  patching design
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