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Italiano Made Leather Trousers Alterations
                                     Italiano Made                                         LEATHER TROUSERS ALTERATIONS 


As an enduring fashion item, more and more people will purchase leather  Garments,  But sometimes there is a problem of Trousers  that are too big or too small. At this time, you may wonder whether the leather Trousers  can be Altered? Even though the leather is hard to alter, the answer is Yes.

If your leather garments  is just a little tight rather than too small, then alterations are not recommended because leather Trousers is somewhat flexible and you can stretch it in some right way. Also, a leather Trousers  will naturally stretch and get bigger with use.

Since leather is a thicker material, tailoring is more complicated compared to other fabrics, so there are a few things to consider and keep in mind.

Italiano made Tips, 

First and foremost, DO NOT DIY, because leather is a special fabric and once you make a modification it is very difficult to change back. For example, if you make a few stitches somewhere on your Trousers , even if you unpick the seams, there will be some ugly holes left there and these will stay on your leather garments  forever, so the cost of mistakes is really expensive. That's why you should always look for a professional tailor who have years of experience in leather garments. After all, you wouldn't want to let an inexperienced tailor ruin your beautiful leather Trousers .

We do alter all kind of leather garments, Leather jackets , Leather coats , Leather trousers, dress, skirts and

more ..... , get in touch.

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Italiano made  Ladies Leather  Trousers Alterations services

  • Lower leather Trousers waistband

  • Take in leather Trousers waist and let out 

  •  Let out  leather Trousers  seat and let out 

  • Take in or let out leather Trousers waist, fork

  • Shorten/lengthen Trousers with a plain hem

  • Shorten/lengthen Trousers with a turn-up

  • Add tape to leather Trousers hems

  • Take in / let out leather Trousers seams

  • Install a front lining

  • Add Full lining  leather Trousers

  • Change  leather Trouser zip

  • Add Trouser brace buttons

  • Add Trouser belt loops

  • Add Trouser side adjusters

  • General Trouser repairs

  • Change Trousers  lining  

  • Add new Trousers pocket 

  • Change pockets

  • invisible mending 

  • patching desing

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