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Italiano made MY Tailoring & Bespoke Online
                                   Italiano Made                                        MY TAILORING & ALTERATIONS 

About: Italiano made tailors,

Owner and tailor, of the Italiano Made is a modern thinking tailor who combines the traditional values of fine workmanship with modern and traditional twists on classics. Hi's unique ability to match the perfect style and colour to the needs and features of hi's clients has set him apart from hi's peers. It is this innovative approach to styling and tailoring, unique to Italiano Made, that provides bespoke looks that comes at ready­ to ­wear prices.

Mr Italiano began hi's tailoring career in 2003, initially providing professional tailoring for Ladies. While this remains the core of his business, Mr Italiano’s experience, expertise and attention to detail has seen him tailor garments for both men's and Ladies from barristers to international opera singers.

Mr Italiano has a rare talent – much like a sculptor, he fully understands his medium.

His knowledge of fabrics is unsurpassed and his ability to create garments for his clients that work for their individual body shapes is what has allowed him to become one of the most respected tailors in his field.

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​ITALIANO MADE With over +20 years’ experience, we are one of the best London’s  alterations company, providing alterations for Men, Women, clothing ,and hight street brands.

We are highly regarded for our superior craftsmanship and award-winning customer service. Our passion for what we do, and our reputation is important to us, and we can assure you that you will be happy with the results, whether you use our alterations or Bespoke tailoring services.

In 2017 we introduced our MY TAILORING & ALTERATIONS online service. Now not only can you purchase one of our ready to wear collections online and have one of our expert team visit you at home (or office)and offer you Alterations services or our bespoke hand made garments, personalised on your name, just to remind you once again, we  also tailor any  other  garments you wish to be tailored.

We alter all type of garments , including Leather made garments.

We Collect.

We Deliver.

All kinds of alteration services men and women clothing .Men's Alterations, Ladies Alterations.

Bespoke Alterations,

we only provide this service to  delegated bespoke garments been made by hand and are fully bespoke.

​Bespoke Services,

we make all kind of garments, suits, jackets, shirts, trousers and more .... please check our bespoke sections. 


BESPOKE SUITE Fully hand made,

Italiano Made Bespoke Process: Start by consulting our staff about your wardrobe. With years of experience between them, they will be able to advise on your requirements and on exactly what’s necessary to build the perfect, flexible, working wardrobe. Once you have decided on the garments you wish to have made, our cutters will help you choose the best fabric. With 3,000 samples of cloth to choose from, our cutters have a gift of knowing what fabric will work best for any style, which is partly what makes their role in the process so pivotal.

+we takes your measurements and cut personal paper pattern, and fabric .

+our tailor Start hand sewing your suits pice by pice, full or half canvasses, on your choice .

+After the first fitting, the garment is marked up with all readjustments.

+At the second fitting, alterations ,starts.

+After the final alterations, a tailor hand-makes the buttonholes and hand finishes the suit inside and out.

Our Italiano Made  bespoke suits are 100%  hand-made bespoke garment that will last you a lifetime.



ITALIANO MADE, invisible mending as a professional craft has almost disappeared since the arrival of ready-to-wear and the new buying habits that followed. The public has lost the habit of using the work of professional menders. But the need to repair clothing, curtains or furniture remains, and invisible mending is still essential. Who doesn’t own a suit or a dress that needs fixing, a precious garment to preserve or an ancient piece of furniture that is begging to be brought back to life? We have forgotten the simple step of repairing our possessions instead of tossing them away. However, when we look a little bit closer, it is often easier and cheaper to restore a jacket than to buy a new one.”

what is the invisible mending ?

Invisible mending is a sophisticated weaving method consisting in rebuilding the fabric of a garment but also of upholstery after an accident: snag, burn, accidental blade or scissor cut, etc.


There is nothing quite like investing in an exquisitely made handbag. They not only complement an entire outfit, they also add a touch of exclusivity and individuality to your style. 

As well as ticking aesthetic boxes, handbags may need to be practical and hardworking. Exposed to the bustle of daily life, wear and tear can quickly dull their shine.

Bringing Italiano made  handbag restoration, repair and cleaning into your routine can keep them looking their finest.



Italiano Made Can Fix your favourite belts, that carry you (and your pants!) through the journey of life. Belts are not only necessary, but they're also a great way to express yourself with different designs, colors, materials, and more. When your beloved belt gets banged up, bruised, torn, dirty - or worse -our Cobblers can fix it!

Our skilled craftsmen have decades of experience, and we can fix just about anything ranging from tears in the leather to broken buckles. Belt repair can be complex, as each job is custom and completed by hand. Often, our craftsmen must sew through thick layers of leather to make a delicate repair.

 We understand that your waist-hugger has a story to tell, and we promise to show it the care it deserves to go on living more lifetimes over your hips


Italiano Made Can fix Men's Shoes. Work Boots, Sneakers,Belts, and Ladies Shoes, high heels, Flats, Sandals, Sneakers.

We get it. A lot of time and thoughtful effort goes into finding an awesome pair of shoes or boots, and it’s tough to think that your favourite pair is showing some serious damage.

The expert craftsmen at Italiano Made know how to re-craft and restore shoes and boots just as the brands you love originally manufactured them. 

We’ll make your favourites look new—but still feel like that same wonderfully old, familiar, and incredibly comfortable pair you’ve always known.


Italiano Made, are highly-skilled professionals who offer a full range of top quality services at every stage of the garment-making process, from the first pattern cutting and toile-making to producing final samples and small to medium quantity production runs.

+ We have been providing pattern cutting and sample-making services and garment production to private fashion brands, startup fashion designers, independent boutiques and established fashion designers for over 20 years.  

Perfectly situated under one roof in a fully-equipped studio, the professional services that we offer are suited to the individual needs of the fashion designer, the services below, to help you with your designs:



Italiano Made, Creative and skilled in a variety of pattern cutting techniques, our experienced pattern cutters can interpret your rough sketches or reference images and produce accurate patterns directly from physical garments, existing patterns or detailed technical specs, whether it’s making a simple skirt or amending an existing pattern.

+ Italiano Made work on everything from individual custom-made pieces to full collections for the catwalk, from manual pattern cutting, creative pattern cutting, through to block manipulation, draping and grading, all offered at your request. During the pattern cutting process, we usually cut from inexpensive calico to make the toiles we use to check the shape of your garment’s design before cutting out and sewing using the desired fabric. Having spent many years in the industry, our pattern cutters are highly experienced in customising a pattern for any garment design.



To ensure the best results in our garment making, Italiano Made Tailors  provides you with a toile-making service and fitting sessions. This allows us to see that your garment design fits the body as is required and expected by the person for whom it is intended.

+ The toile, which is the initial prototype of each garment, will be created in calico or a fabric similar to the final garment to be fitted on the body. In most cases, only one toile is needed.

Once we have prepared the toile, the next step is a fitting made on a suitable model to ensure that all parts of the garment measure exactly as they should. Detailed measurements will be taken of the model at each assessment and fit; comfort and aesthetics will be analyzed.



The Italiano Made sample-making team is ready to produce any type of sample of your garment. We provide high-quality sampling services, and our fully-experienced machinists are able to create your clothing samples in the form of prototypes, salesman or promotional samples from your designs, or specification sheets and patterns in any fabric of your choice.

+ Italiano Made offer a sampling service to make sure every part of the garment, from the trims and fit, is perfect before production. All our samples are produced with your future production orders in mind.

Whether you’re providing your own patterns or we are developing them for you, our fully-experienced machinists can create the samples in the final fabrics. From these, you’ll be able to see how the actual fabric reacts to the pattern, and we will be able to see the small amendments necessary to prepare the garment for production.



Italiano Made offer complete cut, make and trim clothing production services to the fashion industry. All manufacturing and production for small or medium-run production for any sized label or business is carried out by our experienced team on our premises in Soho, London.

Italiano Made, as a womenswear, menswear and kids-wear garment manufacturer, we have much to be proud of in the creation and manufacturing of clothing produced by UK talent, and we work closely with a team of experienced machinists to provide high quality garments in low-minimum batch production.

+Before production, our specialized team carefully selects and inspects each raw material, making sure they are all of the highest quality. We monitor all stages of the clothing manufacturing process, with equal attention given to a single garment sampling order or a small-to-medium production run, ensuring that the quality always meets the customer’s needs. Our team does everything to make pieces which are exact replicas of your samples, and we pay attention to minimising waste and maximising the efficiency of production.

+Our extensive range of dressmaking services is the result of many years of working with different fabrics and patterns. Please note, we do not provide fabrics; however, we will advise you on choosing the best fabric for your garment, as well as discuss the right budget that suits you, and the deadline for completing your order.

+ All of our garments are made in our fashion studio based in central London, and every stage of the clothing manufacturing process goes is subject to our thorough quality control procedures. Also, in the development of your projects, can be provide technical advice and assistance.

Whether you’re a fashion student working on a degree show, a private individual looking for a special item of clothing, or an established designer or sustainable label, we provide the same highly flexible, professional and precise standards of service and quality to all. We will control all aspects of the production and timing.

Italiano Made can start working with you from any stage in your product’s lifecycle. If you have only initial sketches, first patterns for amending, or production patterns for made samples, we would love to hear from you and arrange a consultation in order to help you realise your ideas.

Once we have seen your designs and specification sheets, an accurate cost can be given.



Italiano Made, personal stylist and personal shoppers in central  London, are on hand to help, offering expert personal shopping and fashion styling services to help completely transform your look and vamp up your wardrobe.

As an expert fashion stylist in London, I will get to know both you and your requirements by compiling a unique personal profile that takes into account…

  • Your own personal style

  • Personality

  • Likes and dislikes

  • Lifestyle

  • Body type

  • Complexion

  • Italiano Made  personal styling service is available for both full day and half day sessions. Contact us if you require a personal stylist in central London and gain more information today.



Italiano made dry clean can takes care of your most delicate garments. We use an expert non-toxic alternative to dry cleaning which can clean anything with a dry clean label and delivers a better quality clean.

Your delicates, lovingly hand treated.Our specialists lovingly treat each garment by hand based on their expert knowledge of stain treatments, fabrics, and designer brands. Our eco cleaning technology and biodegradable detergents do the rest. This sympathetic and individual care for garments leaves them softer, brighter and fresher. Want to read more about our eco cleaning technologies? Find more information about Wet cleaning and Liquid CO2 cleaning.

Press Only service.

We also offer a Press-only service (also called ironing-only or steam-only) for most delicate garments (for example dresses, suits, shirts). Simply let us know in your instructions while booking online, and we will apply a 20% discount to the usual cleaning price for the items that only require ironing.Ready to place an order?Schedule a home pick up and delivery BOOK

Shoes Cleaning  Guide, ​

Dry Cleaning  Guide,​

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