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Italiano Made T Shirt Alterations
                                      Italiano Made                                      T SHIRTS ALTERATIONS


T-shirt is one of the comfortable garments that we use in daily basis, at home, outside, in the gym or even for party, T shirt is living life without stragulling to move.

If your T Shirts that are too large can be unflattering, but there’s no reason to get rid of a T shirt just because it is a little baggy or long. If you have t-shirt that is too big for you, then Italiano made can alter your T shirt to improve the fit. You can either use a T shirt that fits you well as a guide, or you can pinch and pin the T shirt to get the right measurements and then you can bring it for us, post it  or you can come to our workshop in soho London and drop it.

We will make sure you T shirts fits you well so we can get good google review from you.

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Italiano Made Ladies T Shirts Alterations

Italiano made  Ladies T  Shirts  Alterations services

  • Narrow  T shirts shoulders

  • Shorten  T shirts sleeves from cuff 

  • Shorten  T shirts sleeves from shoulder 

  • Lengthen  T shirts  from cuff

  • Deeper  T shirts  under arm  

  • Taper  T shirts sleeves

  • Shorten / Lengthen  T shirts

  • Move buttons  T shirts  

  • Lower  T shirts  Collar

  • Square back neck 

  • Taken  T shirts shoulder 

  • Add or remove  T shirts  pockets

  • Add darts or remove   T shirts

  • A fitted 'V' Shape

  • Tapering  T shirts    Takin side seams

  • Tapering  T shirts    Takin darts seams

  • Tapering  T shirts    add darts  cheats or back 

  • Let out side  T shirts   opening the darts seams 

  • Changing  zips or buttons  T shirts

  • Change  Collar or cuff, design long sleeves  T shirts

  • Add  patch design  T shirts

  • Add extra buttons holes and buttons

  • Patching design  T shirts

  • Invisible mending  T shirts 

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