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Italiano Made Jeans Alterations
                                   Italiano Made                                  JEANS ALTERATIONS 


Let's start with a pair of  jeans that’s somewhat close to the fit you hope to achieve. Think of this process more like a haircut. You can always take more off, but you can’t really put any back on. So, make sure that the jeans are too big rather than too small. 

Wash your jeans before heading to the tailor. washing and drying your jeans will get rid of shrinkage and help get you a more accurate fit when it comes time to visit your tailor.

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Italiano Made Jeans Alterations
Italiano Made Jeans Alterations
Italiano Made Jeans Alterations

Italiano made  Men's  JEANS  Alterations services

  • Lower jeans  waistband

  • Take in jeans waist 

  • Let out, add fabric

  •  Let out  jeans seat and,  add fabric 

  • Take in  jeans fork

  • Shorten/lengthen jeans with original finish 

  • Shorten/lengthen jeans with a turn-up

  • Add tape to jeans hems

  • Take in / let out jeans legs seams

  • Install a front lining inside jeans legs 

  • Add Full lining  jeans

  • Change jeans zip

  • Add jeans brace buttons

  • Add jeans belt loops

  • Add jeans side adjusters

  • General jeans repairs

  • Change jeans  lining  

  • Add new jeans pocket 

  • Add or remove jeans pockets

  • Add or remove buttons

  • invisible mending 

  • Patching design jeans

Italiano Made Bespoke Jeans
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