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Italiano Made Ladies Trousers  Alterations
                                   Italiano Made                                    TROUSERS  ALTERATIONS 


For Trousers that are loose or tight on the waist, we can quickly and effectively reduce or increase the size by adjusting the centre back seam. After fitting with our Tailor, we can also determine the perfect shape of the seat and raise or let down the fork when necessary. For a closer fit and neater silhouette, we taper (narrow) trousers either fully or partly. For a subtle taper, we would remove excess fabric from the inside leg seam. For a more drastic change, we can reduce the leg width by removing the fabric from both the inside and outside leg seams. We shorten trousers by hand so that the stitching is invisible from the outside. We can replace belt loops with more traditional side adjusters by using excess fabric from the hem of the trousers. 

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Italiano made  Ladies  Trousers Alterations services

  • Lower Trousers waistband

  • Take in Trouser waist and let out 

  • Let out  Trouser  seat and let out 

  • Take in or let out Trouser waist, fork

  • Shorten/lengthen Trouser with a plain hem

  • Shorten/lengthen Trouser with a turn-up

  • Add tape to Trouser hems

  • Take in / let out Trouser seams

  • Install a front lining

  • Add Full lining  trousers

  • Change  Trouser zip

  • Add Trouser brace buttons

  • Add Trouser belt loops

  • Add Trouser side adjusters

  • General Trouser repairs

  • Change Trousers  lining  

  • Add new Trousers pocket 

  • Change pockets

  • invisible mending 

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